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The Zeppelin-Museum can be found in 88709 Meersburg - Schlossplatz 8.

From the ferry boat dock you will walk in the "Steigstrasse" until you reach the "Bärenbrunnen", then walk up the stairs on the right.
The entrance is opposite to the old water wheel.

From the airport Friedrichshafen you can use the train (about 5 min driving time) to the "Stadtbahnhof" from where you can take the bus (about 20 min driving time) to Meersburg (stop "katholische Kirche"). 

Graf Zeppelin LZ 127 during the start.

Waving children in front of the LZ 129. The landing in Böblingen.

From the bus stop you use the underpass to the Old Town (about 150m). Through the archway of the town hall you reach the "Schlossplatz". Keep right and use the "Höllgasse" (about 200m) in southern direction. Shortly before reaching the castle is a staircase leading to the "Steigstrasse". After a few stairs you can find the entrance on the right side.

Taxis are available at the airport in Friedrichshafen as well as at the Stadtbahnhof.

The airship Graf Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen.
In front, the enthusiastic crowd.

Kurgartenhotel in the 1920's.